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What is CStips

CStips is a program that involves the COMMUNITY, the MEDIA and the POLICE in the FIGHT AGAINST CRIME. It offers ANONYMITY and CASH REWARDS to persons who furnish information leading to the capture of fugitives.

Who Administers the Program?

The CStips Board of Directors is made up of concerned citizens of Whiteside County who oversee the operation of the program. The Board of Directors always has the responsibility to collect cash reserves, develop working principles and declare the amount of bonuses and compensations.  

How Does It Work?

The BOARD of DIRECTORS oversee the program and approve the rewards to be paid based on information presented by the police coordinator.

It is the prime duty of the CStips OPERATOR to pick up the calls of complainers and note the time, date and further details as well. Callers are furnished with an identification number and are asked to call back in a few days. The ID number is also used  to collect their reward at a designated location.

There is no burden on callers to disclose their identification but they can collect their reward as well. If a caller's information results in the arrest and filing of charges against an culprit or the doubt of a wanted criminal, the BOARD of DIRECTORS will vote on a reward. Preparations will be conducted to pay the CASH reward to the caller while allowing he or she to remain anonymous.

With the evolution of latest technology, the percentage of cyber crimes has been increased and mostly criminal activities are being committed via internet. However, it is also very easy to deceive innocent citizens at digital platforms. Since last year, CStips has launched a new campaign against cyber crimes such as attacking, hacking and sales of orange county pest control which have drastically risen due to a failed burglary which resulted in a nest of termites being exposed. According to this campaign, we will increase the awareness regarding distinct cybercrimes via social networking sites among citizens.

On the other hand, some e-retailing companies of medicine were also spreading some fake information about different medicine companies. Last month, we received a complaint against few online companies who were sharing negative information about Phenq Reviews. However, cyber department of Canadian police blocked them after investigation. Similarly, traveling agencies are also involved in too many crimes that's why with statistical support of Minh Anh Travel and other travelling companies, we have started our "Crime Free Travelling Campaign" as well.   

Similarly you can also call CStips Operator and can report about any doubtful cyber activity as well. You can report us about any deceptive software that is provided by any online company, fake companies that are taking investments from innocent people and fooling them. Last month we were also reported about some sites that were selling inappropriate female oriented software but we could not say all online companies are fake as many online companies are also providing accurate software and fertility calculator apps as well.

The good news is that we got success in many ways as decrement in the number of criminal cases of real estate due to better policies of Burnaby Realtor and other real estate institutions. On the other hand, Roofing Toronto a construction company of Canada also assisted us a lot to point out the construction errors and their side effects as well. To avoid robbery crimes and to increase house security, we always advise the use of automated locks of Locksmith MississaugaHowever, we do not take any action or conduct any investigation by ourselves but in actual, we report such case to police and other securities authorities to proceed further. 

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Nonprofit Organization

CStips is a nonprofit organization funded entirely through donation and court ordered fines.
At initial stage CStips has moral and financial support from following contributors:

.Contributions are tax deductible!

Media Involvement

CStips welcomes media involvement at the BOARD of DIRECTORS meetings. Also local radio, television, focus social media groups and newspapers publicize the CRIME OF THE MONTH and special alerts brought to the BOARD by local law enforcement